Laing Bicol With Pork

I know there's a lot of style how to cook Laing or Taro Leaves in coconut milk, depending how it is done, here is my way cooking it as a son of Bicol where I live and grow. I always remember how we go together with my childhood friends and do food trippings from scratch in our tambayan or the place where we always stay specially on vacation. We do not buy a single ingredients, that means what we need is FREE! It is just around us, if we need a coconut you can just pick it up under the coconut tree itself. Laing? well, it's not a problem they just bloom anywhere at the back yard of every house. You want rice? every parents is a farmer you just bring a cup or two for every member. Condiments is also not a problem because our house is near the Tambayan and we got music while preparing for our food. That's the way it is, bellow is the Simple ingredients and a Simple way of cooking. This is how I cook it.

Laing (taro leaves)
Fresh Coconut Milk
1/4 Pork washed and sliced
3 cloves garlic
2 medium size onions
Magic Sarap or MSG
Salt to taste
labuyo or hot pepper (optional)

1. Pour coconut milk to a bowl and mix ingredients, onions, garlic, neither magic sarap or msg. I use two coconut to make it oily and tasty.
2. Put pork in a wok and add small amount of water and bring pork to golden.
3. And Pour all mixed coconut milk with ingredients.
4. Slowly stir without stopping until it boil (please use long sandok or ladle to protect your hand to heat)
5. Put laing slowly and make sure all leaves are soaked within the boiled coconut milk.
6. Wait until the leaves are cooked, salt depends on your taste and serve.


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