Corn-Si-Log (Corned Beef, Sinangag, Itlog)

For me nothing beat this tag-team heavy meal for a breakfast. Yes, there is a lot too but like what I said this is the best for myself. A great combination that will give you energy even for a whole day specially when you have a hot chocolate for a drink. Everybody knows how to cook this but for those who do not know how to prepare this meal I suggest to stay on this page and follow everything.

What We Need:
Corned Beef
2 Eggs (1 for corned beef mix + 1 for sunny-side up)
Rice (best if you have left-over rice)
Garlic (get enough for sauteing and for fried rice)
Onion (medium size)
Seasoning Granules
Oil or Butter
Carrot and peas (optional)


Corned Beef With Egg Mixed:
  • Put small amount of oil or butter on a pan and let heat for a seconds.
  • Saute garlic and onion and add corned beef.
  • In the can of corned beef put small amount of water and mix it to the corned beef and cook for a while.
  • Now, pour egg into the pan and mix it well. (Do not over cook because it will look dry if you do so but it is okay it will not affect the taste.)
  • Let cooked and serve.

Fried Rice:
  • Saute garlic in a small amount of oil or butter.
  • Pour smashed rice or left-over rice and mix well.
  • You can add chopped carrot and peas if you like but optional.
  • Add seasoning granule to taste
  • Let cooked and serve

Sunny-Side Up
  • Break egg and slowly put it in a heated oil with a small amount of fire. You can use fried egg mould if you have some difficulties on the pan.
  • Sprinkle seasoning granule to taste and serve.

Now enjoy the best breakfast meal you cooked.


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