Galunggong In Green Mango Salsa

Everyone for sure love Galungong like us Filipinos right? Specially with a dipping sauce, most of us prefer soy sauce and lemon (toyo at kalamansi). In this recipe we'll try to taste some different dip like a special partner for Galunggong, and this is another Simpleng Luto experience for all of us. Better try this and for sure you won't regret the taste and conbination of this good food.

1 pc ripe tomatoes, de-seeded and siced
1 pc red onion, diced
2 pieces salted egg, diced,
2T vinegar
Ajinomoto Umami super seasoning
1 T cilantro, chopped

1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and refrigerate before serving
2. Salt fish and deep fry.
3. Serve with hot rice and the salsa you prepared.

Note: Credit to Quickfire for this recipe.


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