Adobong Baboy - My Style Of Adobo

One of the favorite Filipino dish and even myself really like this recipe and one of the Simpleng Luto ni Nanay. There is so many ways to cooked or prepare this dish one of it is my style on how to prepare the delicious food. Dried adobo in oil.

2-3 gloves of garlic
1 bulb onion
bay leaf and black pepper
soy sauce
1 tsp vinegar
potato (Optional)

Put pork in a deep pan and add water
Boil until meat is soften drain and set aside
Saute garlic, onion in a small amount of oil together with the soften pork in a medium or small amount of fire to avoid the bitter taste of soy sauce.
Add pepper and bay leaf when meat is bit golden
Add soy sauce and cook for 20-30 sec
Add small amount of water and a teaspoon of vinegar and mix.
Let dry and serve.

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